Self-Assess using the Teacher Leader Capacity Matrix

Team Dynamics

  • Facilitates and supports the development of team norms and expectations
  • Utilizes the expertise and diverse experiences of team members, delegating when appropriate
  • Creates and maintains positive relationships and a sense of community (with staff, students, and parents)
  • Supports others' integration into the district, campus, and team culture and processes

Team Processes

  • Plans team meetings (date, times, & location) utilizing an agenda
  • Facilitates team meetings utilizing tools, processes, and protocols to ensure participation by all
  • Facilitates data analysis and collaborative decision making
  • Coordinate the development of team procedures such as grading policy, behavior expectations, website, tutorials, resources, etc.


  • Facilitates communication & collaboration within the team and other parties
  • Addresses conflicts and facilitates difficult conversations
  • Demonstrates listening skills; utilizes and reads non-verbal cues

Professional Learning

  • Fosters a culture of learning & support within the team, including mentoring & coaching
  • Identifies and advocates for the learning needs of the team
  • Supports ongoing implementation of professional learning
  • Assists with the development and facilitation of team, campus, and district professional learning

Continuous Improvement

  • Models a positive, fail-forward culture within the team
  • Facilitates goal development and cycles of improvement
  • Facilitates reflective practice
  • Requests and provides constructive & actionable feedback (within team, campus, district, community)

PLC & Instructional Leadership

  • Demonstrates content expertise
  • Encourages, models, and facilitates pedagogical best practices
  • Facilitates team engaging in PLC cycle:
    • Know/Unpack the TEKS/Standards
    • Establish Essential Outcomes
    • Create Common Assessments & Success Criteria
    • Plan & Implement Instructional Strategies for All
    • Assess and Analyze Student Performance Data
    • Provide Intervention and Challenge based on Assessment