Knit Lessons

Would you like to learn to knit and/or crochet? We meet once per week during lunches. Bring your lunch to the library and we'll learn together. Or, you can just come and spend time on something you are already working on.

You can bring your own knitting needles and yarn, or you can use what we have here. It's highly recommended that you bring your own supplies (needles and yarn) so you can continue to practice and create at home. To learn, I would suggest worsted weight year (#4) and #9 or #10 needles. These do not need to be expensive yarn and needles. Just the very inexpensive yarn from Walmart and inexpensive needles. If you learn to love knitting, you can buy nicer yarn and needles later.

Learn to Knit

For right handers Knit With RJ

For left handed beginners and additional stitches

Need extra learning time?