Summer Information

For Course Recovery and Acceleration. If you are taking a year-long course for original credit, you will need to sign up for both summer school sessions.

Each summer session equals one semester. A = semester one and B = semester two.

Math Courses: Algebra I, Geometry, AQR, Math Models, Algebra II and Pre-Calculus*

English Courses: English I*, English II*, English III and English IV

Science Courses: Biology*, IPC, Environmental Systems, Chemistry* and Physics*

Social Studies: World Geography, World History, US History*, Government and Economics

Electives: Spanish I & II, Health (12th-graders only), Communication Applications (12th-graders only), Art I

*For Recovery Only


If you have registration questions, please contact Marla Busch at 512-570-0236.

TxDOT Conditional Grant Program