ACC after High School


ACC's admissions process is broken down into 4 sections. Please read below for some pointers that will help you complete the application process:

  1. First step video
  2. Application - before beginning your application, there are a few documents you will need:
    1. Unofficial transcript - see your counselor or Mrs. Wallace for this
    2. Unofficial TSI scores - see Mrs. Wallace
      1. If your SAT/ACT scores meet TSI you can submit a screenshot of your online SAT/ACT account showing scores
  3. Area of Study Info Session - this is an orientation session where you will plan your classes. Make sure to bring the following documents:
    1. Official transcript - request a hard copy in the counseling office (do not do this thru Parchment)
    2. Official TSI scores - see Mrs. Wallace
    3. Official SAT/ACT scores (if using for TSI purposes)
    4. Record of Meningitis vaccination

4. Online Registration - opens May 30th for new students



Which textbooks do I need? - online textbook rental

Specialized Programs

App ACCelerator - computer coding

Chevron Engineering Academy - partnership with Texas A&M

Continuing Ed/Workforce - certification programs

TSI Placement Chart

If you haven't met TSI, your TSI scores will determine which English classes you need to take - check out this placement chart