What is the deadline to register for classes?

Technically, ACC's deadline is three days before class starts. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND WAITING THIS LONG! There are many steps that need to be completed prior to registration so in order to ensure you don't encounter any holdups along the way, take care of these steps sooner rather than later!

Which ACC courses are offered @ Rouse


(Fall semester) English 1301, History 1301

(Spring semester) English 1302, History 1302


(Fall semester) Brit Lit, Speech 1315

(Spring semester) TX Gov 2306, optional off-campus elective

How can i find other course options?

ACC posts their course offerings by term, content area, and by location: austincc.edu/schedule. Make sure to check the Dual Credit course list for eligible courses.

Can I take English ACC over the summer?

In order to receive credit for English 3 through ACC, you must take specifically dedicated English 1301 and 1302 courses. English courses offered at RHS during the school year automatically meet this requirement. Specially designated courses are noted on the online course schedule.

Which textbooks do I need?

So how exactly do you know which textbook is needed for your ACC dual-credit course? You have a couple of options, outlined here on ACC's website.

Buy or Rent

Here are a few recommended options for obtaining your textbooks:

  • Buy textbooks from the ACC bookstore in person or order from their website.
  • Purchase textbooks from other websites like Amazon, Half.com, Barnes & Noble, or Abe Books. They usually offer new and used options.
  • Rent textbooks from sites such as Chegg and College Book Renter.
  • Talk to other Dual Credit students who may have purchased the book in the past - they may be willing to loan or sell to you


If you have financial need, please see Mrs. Wallace prior to making any rent/purchase decisions. The Leander Educational Excellence Foundation (LEEF) has generously set aside funds to support Dual Credit students in the form of textbook scholarships.

Scholarship application required - See Mrs. Wallace for details

Which professor should I choose?

The course listing shows which professor is assigned to the section (see course schedule, far right of listing). You can also view the syllabus from there so you can gain a better understanding of the course expectations. In addition to these resources, you can also check out ratemyprofessor.com, which offers valuable insight from previous students.