2. TSI Assessment

In order to take college courses, students must meet TSI standards in the areas of Reading, Writing, and Math.

  • Reading & Writing TSI - required to take English, History, Government, Speech, or Art courses
  • Math TSI - required to take Economics, Math, or Science courses

TSI can be met through either the SAT, ACT, or TSI Assessment. Please refer to the TSI page for more info.

TSI Resources:

TSI Prep:

4/30/18 Update:

  • PSAT scores can now count toward Dual Credit TSI completion
  • If you met the following scores on your PSAT you do not have to take the TSI for the purpose of Dual Credit:
    • Evidence-based Reading & Writing - 460 and/or
    • Math - 510

If you met these standards, you can skip to step 3.

Step 2a: Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA)

Step 2b: Sign up for a TSI test

Testing @ ACC

  • You must call and schedule a test appointment time. Click here for Cypress Creek test center info.
  • You can pay for the test either at the Cashier's Desk in the Student Services building or online through the ACC Assessment Marketplace - Keep your receipt!
  • Costs $10/section or $29 for the full test (Reading, Writing, and Math)
  • You must bring with you the following items:
    • Photo ID
    • Test payment receipt
    • Hard copy of PAA
    • Hard copy of scores if you have previously tested - you can request a copy from Mrs. Wallace