1. ACC Application

The first step in the ACC Dual Credit process is completing the ACC online application. In addition to the app, you will need to complete the Google form below. This notifies your Counselor and Transition Coordinator that you plan to pursue Dual Credit so they can follow up with you throughout the process.

Before you begin:

This info is helpful for Mrs. Wallace and your counselor as we finalize course selections for the 2018-19 school year. Your selections on this form are not binding.

*Requires LISD login

Step 1a: Create an online account

    • Create an account on the ACC website
    • Make sure to save your login info

Step 1b: Complete the online application

  • Log into your online account
  • Complete and submit the online application. (If you do not have a SS#, please contact Mrs. Wallace.)
    • Tip: Choose Dual Credit as the basis of your admission; you can choose any major - it does not matter.
    • Note: Dual Credit students are not required to obtain a meningitis vaccine.

Step 1c: Activate your ACCeID & ACCmail


  • Activate your ACCeID by going to www.austincc.edu
  • Once you have obtained your ACCeID, go to www.austincc.edu and click on ACCmail at the top of the page; choose “Activation & Login Assistance” on the left and follow the steps to activate your ACCmail account.

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