DeAnna Martin

Phone: 512-570-7216

Fax: 512-570-7205

My name is DeAnna Martin. I have had the privilege of being the counselor at Reagan Elementary since it opened in 2009-2010. Before Reagan, I was at Cox Elementary. I have been a school counselor since 2002. I am married to my husband David and we have one son, Tyler, who was also a Reagan Ray.

Have you ever wondered what counseling services are offered by Reagan Elementary?

Access to School Counselor Services

School counselors serve students and parents—both in groups and individually—to help students meet academic, personal/social, and college/career goals.

Individual referrals to the school counselor may be made by the student, a parent, or by school staff and administration. School counseling services do not constitute or substitute for professional therapeutic care.

Students may stop by the counseling office during the school day. Parents may call the counseling office to schedule an appointment or a phone conference. Matters of urgency will be given priority.

Did you know my counselor...

* Visits my classroom sometimes?

* Talks with me when I'm happy?

* Talks with me when I'm sad?

* Talks with me about myself and others?

* Talks with moms and dads?

* Lets me visit in her office when I need to

Did you know my counselor helps me...

* Develop problem-solving skills?

* Develop decision-making skills?

* Build self-esteem and confidence?

* Recognize and make use of my potential?

* Cope with difficult and/or unchangeable life events?

* Share my feelings and concerns?