Upcoming All Choir Socials

Choir Social FAQs

  1. Does my student need to come home and go back to school?
  • Nope! Socials begin right after school – students should report directly to the cafeteria.

2. Will food be provided?

  • Yes, we will provide food (pizza) and drinks (soda and water). If students would like to bring food (to share), we ask that it is labeled with ingredients for students who may have food allergies.

3. Do they need to bring money?

  • No, food and any materials for activities are included in your student's activity fees.

4. What should they wear?

  • Students should wear comfortable clothes that they can move in, including closed toed shoes, as we may be playing games that require moving/running.

5. Do they need to stay for the entire social?

  • No, you may pick them up early if necessary – they should notify a director and check out when they are leaving.

6. Can they bring a friend/sibling/pet who is not in choir?

  • Unfortunately, no, only students currently enrolled in the RBMS Choir can come to Choir socials.

7. Can they bike/walk home?

  • Our socials this fall end at 7:00- so it should still be light enough for them to safely walk or bike home. We will allow students to leave on foot or on their bikes.

8. Are socials mandatory?

  • No, these are optional parties designed to give students an opportunity to meet students in choir from other class periods and to have fun together! They are not mandatory and are not for a grade.

9. Can I (a parent/guardian) come?!

  • We would love some parent volunteers to come and help chaperone students (and maybe to participate in karaoke?)! You must be an approved LISD volunteer. Please email or if you would like more information about chaperoning Choir Socials. And thanks!