Counselor Role

Classroom lessons: Lessons are taught about once a month in the classroom and focus on topics such as self-regulation, problem solving, conflict resolution, peer relationships, etc…

Small Group Lessons: Support is provided to students through small group lessons at teacher and parent request. Some examples of small group needs are: coping with feelings, social skills and classroom skills. Friendship groups meet during lunch to help create and improve on peer relationships.

Individual Support: Students are met with individually depending on their current situation and need. Students are assisted with social, emotional, and academic problems. The goal is to help students to be successful in the classroom. Interventions are brief solution-focused interventions in which students receive help problem solving. Ongoing therapy is not provided.

Parent and Teacher Collaboration: Teachers, staff and administrators collaborate to establish a positive, student-centered learning environment. They work together to create plans for student success academically, socially, and emotionally.