Classroom Counseling

The largest part of my time is spent in the classroom helping students develop skills and providing them with tools to help them in the classroom.

Zones of Regulation

Throughout the year, students receive lessons found in the curriculum, Zones of Regulation. These lessons focus on the following skills:

  • Identifying feelings and what zone those feelings are in
    • Developing calming strategies
    • Differentiating expected and unexpected behaviors
  • Determining the size of a problem
  • Problem solving strategies
    • How to reframe a problem

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All students are introduced to the concept of bucketfilling in kindergarten. Students are taught that everyone has an imaginary bucket that contains their feelings. When your bucket is full, you are happy and when your bucket is empty, you are sad. You can fill a bucket by doing or saying something kind to another person. You can also dip in someone's bucket by doing or saying something hurtful. We encourage all students to be bucket fillers!

Simon's Hook

In third grade, students are taught skills to help them respond to teasing or put downs from others using the book Simon's Hook. Our goal is to be a free fish and "not bite the hook."