Ms. McCullough's Class

3rd Grade Newsletter


​​ (updated April 23rd)

On the Calendar for April:

April 23rd-27th - PTA/Scholastic Spring Book Fair in the Library.

Tuesday, April 24th - Book Fair Family Night from 6:00-7:30

Friday, April 27th - Assembly and a preview performance of the musical

On the Calendar in May:

Friday, May 4th Field Day (8:30-11:00) and Tug-of-War (3rd-11:55-1:00?)-Students will wear their field trip t-shirt for Tug-of-war, rain out date will be May 11th.

***Parents!! We need lots of volunteers for this! (next Friday!) PTA will be sending out an email, but I think that you could also go to the website now.

***Thursday, May 10th 3rd grade Mother's Day Tea at 1:00-SAVE THE DATE! More details coming soon!

*Monday, May 14th-STAAR Math test for 3rd Grade

*Tuesday, May 15th-STAAR Reading test for 3rd Grade

*Monday, May 21st-VR Athletic Assembly

*Thursday, May 24th 2018 Ranger Football Team Spring Game (Details soon!)

In our classrooms…

Language Arts-

Reading - We are focusing on non-fiction text features and how they provide information. We are also finishing our poetry unit.

Reading Homework- 1-30+ minute session on iStation per week (district expectation) and 1 short reading passage with 4 open-ended questions. Write answers in complete sentences.

Homework: Spelling-Unit 27 - Don't forget "Dear Parents" HW on Wednesdays!

Math/PACE Math- We are finishing up our Geometry Unit on 2D and 3D shapes and classifiyng them by their attributes (base face, faces, sides, vertices) as well as how they can qualify for more than one category. We are also determining the area and perimeter of shapes.


TTM #42 - by Friday, April 27th and STAAR Practice page problems #19-24

Social Studies- We have just finished our "Government" unit . We studied the local, city, and state levels as well as the 3 branches of government (legislative, executive, and judicial) and how they work.

Science- We will start our new unit Stayin' Alive unit this week! Students will study the structure and function, life cycles, inherited traits and learned behaviors of plants and animals. They will describe the flow of energy through food chains and food webs and how food changes are impacted by the environment. The first couple of lessons focus on why environments are important and the students will learn about the Barton Springs Salamander!

SSL - Second Step Learning - Learning how to problem solve (STEP) state the problem without blame, when there is peer exclusion.


Thank you to all of the 54-3rd Grade parents that attended the field trip! We could not have done it without out you!!!:)

FYI: Only 31 school days left this year!