I can’t wait to get to know your child and your family. The best way to reach me is by email: julie.mccracken@leanderisd.org. If you do not have email, you can also reach me by phone or send a note with your child. The phone number at school is 570-6000. I truly believe it takes a village to raise a child. In that regard, I would really like to see each of you volunteer at Cox Elementary. There are many opportunities to help out at our school, such as small projects that can be completed at home, special events, Wednesday Folders, or working with a small group of students. Together we can make this year a great one for your child!

This Week’s News! February 12 - 16, 2018

  • Reading:

Research is utilized in many aspects of our lives. It empowers us to seek new information and knowledge and promotes critical thinking. It allows us to deepen our understanding of the world, its people and oneself.

In this unit of study on research, students will be immersed in learning about the Iditarod 2018. They will pursue finding information on the Iditarod sled dog race, held annually in March across more than 1,100 miles in Alaska, embodies adventure, excitement, courage, competition, and the bond of mutual respect humans and animals can share. This project offers students the sense of "being there" in the windswept Alaskan tundra. Students explore the Iditarod route through an interactive trail map and follow the race checkpoint by icy checkpoint. They also research mushers and vocabulary related to the Iditarod.

  • Grammar: Students continue to learn about and recognize and use apostrophes and possessives.
  • Spelling: Week 20 - au says /aw/
  • Science: Students build on their understanding of matter by describing physical properties including shape, mass, temperature, texture, and flexibility and using tools. Students classify matter as solid or liquid and compare changes in matter by heating and cooling. Students investigate physically changing matter by cutting, folding, sanding, and melting. Students combine a variety of materials, complete an engineering design challenge to build a bridge, and justify the use of materials based on physical properties.

  • Math: Unit 5 -

Wish List:

  • Plastic sleeves for pages
  • Kleenex

Upcoming Dates:

February 14--"Friendship Party"

February 15--Run Club for 2nd and 3rd Grade 2:50 PM--3:50 PM

February 16--Dinosaurs Live 5:30--7:00 PM

February 19--Staff Development/Student Holiday

February 23-Talent Night

February 28--Spring Pictures