Advanced Courses


Students who successfully complete a PACE/Pre-AP math course, will automatically "roll-up" into the next year's PACE/Pre-AP math course, unless an opt-out form is turned into the counseling office.

All on-level (non-PACE) 5th and 6th grade students will be considered for PACE placement based on their STAAR scores , math class average, and teacher recommendation. Students who meet these requirements will take a "mastery screener test."


“QUEST” is an acronym for Quality Utilization and Enrichment of Student Talents. Leander ISD’s QUEST Program is designed to meet the needs of identified gifted students who have demonstrated above-average ability in the following two areas of giftedness as defined by the Texas State Plan for the Gifted:

1) high general-intellectual ability at the 95th percentile; and,

2) creative and productive thinking.

The QUEST program is developmental in scope, with the curriculum addressing core content areas through projects and units that cross multiple subject areas. QUEST students have the opportunity to investigate topics of interest to them in greater depth and complexity. Students expand their abilities to apply critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and research skills through individual and group projects, studies and problemsolving units.

QUEST is available to LISD students in the elementary through high school grades. While students in grades K-12 may be nominated for QUEST at any time by teachers, counselors, administrators, parents, self, or peers, QUEST testing is done during specific testing windows. Currently identified QUEST students do not need to be retested but are automatically placed into QUEST classes.

Students who do not wish to continue in QUEST need to have their parents submit to the counseling office, for review by the District QUEST Placement Committee, a written request to “furlough” from QUEST.

Transfer students, previously enrolled in a GT program, should submit GT documentation and testing information to the school registrar for review by the District QUEST staff to determine (a) full placement in the QUEST class, or (b) probationary placement in the QUEST class with further testing, or (c) no placement in QUEST class and need for retesting through LISD. Please check the Leander ISD website for additional information.

Pre-AP Language Arts

Language Arts includes beginning strategies for students to be successful in high school advanced courses. This course is offered to sixth, seventh and eighth grade students as an open enrollment option. Students are expected to have a higher interest and commitment to the rigor of the advanced curriculum requirements. The pace of this course develops the ability and responsibility of students to work independently, as well as promotes critical thinking skills. Outside reading, which includes a novel to be read over the summer prior to taking the course, is required.

2018 Summer Reading Assignment and Guide (coming soon)

Pre-AP Social Studies - 8th grade option

LISD’s Middle School Pre-AP (Preparation for Advanced Placement) Social Studies program is designed to meet the needs of students who excel in social studies. The purpose of the program is to challenge students in the area of social studies and to prepare them for success in high school advanced courses. Students are expected to have a higher commitment to the rigor of the enriched curriculum requirements. Students in Pre-AP Social Studies receive instruction that provides a greater depth and complexity than the grade-level curriculum, meeting these students’ need for academic challenge.

Social Studies Grade 8 Pre-AP is an open enrollment course with no prerequisites required. The curriculum is based on the Grade 8 Social Studies state standards, but emphasizes the higher-level and critical thinking skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis in preparation for the Advanced Placement courses. Additional focus is placed on the inquiry, interpretation of historical documents, analysis of data from written and visual sources, and the evaluation, application and presentation of information.

Things to consider when selecting an Advanced Course

Who should enroll?

Considerations for enrollment:

  • likes to challenge themselves.
  • manages their course work and extra-curricular activities fairly well.
  • is proactive and willing to ask for help when needed.
  • thinks critically as a reader about the implications of texts, makes complex inferences, and supports thinking.
  • enjoys analyzing events from different perspectives.

2018 QUEST-GT Secondary Summer Testing Dates

**Please email to register your student(s) for whichever date is most convenient for you. Click on the link for more information.

•Wednesday, June 20 at Henry Middle School (HMS) Library

•Tuesday, July 10 at Canyon Ridge Middle School (CRMS) Library

•Thursday, July 19 at Canyon Ridge Middle School (CRMS) Library

•Thursday, July 26 at Stiles Middle School (SMS) Library