Dual Credit Enrollment

Mrs. Wood is accepting NEW STUDENT paperwork thru March 29!

Follow these steps to enroll in ACC courses as a dual credit student. Be sure to verify important ACC dates & deadlines.

Spring 2019: ALL RETURNING students must complete the ACC High School Programs Contract and return to Mrs. Wood.


Complete Steps 1-4 one time only.

Step 1: Apply Online

1. Create an application account.

Note: Area of Study should be your best guess for intended future major, but it is okay if you're unsure at this time.

2. Scroll down and click Step 2: Start An Application. Read through notes below and submit application.

Notes: PERSONAL INFO: If you do not have a SSN, see Mrs. Wood for an alternate number; DEMOGRAPHICS: Primary reason for attending, choose "Earn credits to transfer to another institution"; ACADEMIC INFO: Under High School, type in "Leander" then click "search" and once results are found choose Leander and click "select"; Under Testing Information, choose SAT if you are using PSAT scores; Under Academic History & Plans, again your Area of Study & Program doesn't matter; Under Basis of Admission be sure to choose "High School Dual Credit Program", then "North" for your region.

Step 2: Activate ACC Accounts

  • Receive an email with your assigned ACCeID 24hrs after submitting the application (applications are not processed on weekends/holidays)
  • Follow steps to activate your ACCeID, establish password, and set security questions.
  • Once ACCeID is established, use this link to activate your ACCemail.

Step 3: ACC Orientation & Contracts

1. ACC/LHS Orientation: Watch the ACC/LHS Orientation video (30 minutes). It is strongly recommended students & parents watch this together for full understanding. Then, LOG IN HERE and take the ACC Orientation quiz. Failure to take and pass the ACC Orientation quiz will result in a hold on your account, preventing registration.

2. LHS Dual Credit Orientation Verification Form

3. ACC High School Programs Contract

4. LISD Transportation Liability Release Form

5. Turn in to Mrs. Wood in the College & Career Center:

    • LHS Dual Credit Orientation Verification Form
    • ACC High School Programs Contract
    • LISD Transportation Liability Release Form

Step 4: Prove College Readiness

  • Determine if you need to take the TSI Assessment (see qualifying exemption scores). If exempt from testing, you may skip to Step 5.
  • If not exempt with existing scores, follow steps to take the TSI Assessment at an LISD or ACC campus. You will NOT be admitted to testing at LHS if you have not completed steps 1-3, the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity, and bring a photo ID.


Complete steps 5-7 each semester to be eligible for registration. New students must have fully completed steps 1-4 first.

Step 5: Meet with Mrs. Wood

After completing steps 1-4, schedule an individual Dual Credit meeting with Mrs. Wood.

Together, we will review your documents, outline course plans, and complete the LHS Dual Credit Online Enrollment Form (for Summer & Fall 2019).

Step 6: Plan Courses

Plan the specific courses you wish to register for using ACC's online Self-Service website.

NEW students will be required to attend a group Registration & Scheduling Workshop to navigate through the ACC Self-Service website. Mrs. Wood will reach out to new students who have completed the required Steps 1-5 regarding workshop options. Returning students are welcome to attend.

Summer 2019 Resources:

Fall 2019 Resources:

Step 7: Online Registration

Register online via Self-Service within designated registration dates.