College Planning Resources

Sending ACC Transcripts to a University

You can request transcripts online or in person to be mailed directly to the university to which you're applying. ACC Transcripts : Find out more details here. This video will also walk you through the process: ORDERING ACC TRANSCRIPTS by Sarah Spradling at VHS.


For information regarding preparation, registration deadlines, testing locations, and to sign up to take these college entrance tests, use the links below:

Applying to College

There are a handful of online platforms students will use to apply to college:

  • ApplyTexas. Apply Texas allows students to apply to various public and private universities and junior colleges in Texas using one application. This site also provides information about application deadlines and fees.
  • The Common Application. Common App serves over 700 colleges via one application.
  • School-specific/individual applications. Some colleges, like Baylor and the University of Alabama, maintain their own online application.
  • The Coalition Application. Students can start using the Coalition platform as a toolbox for their academic record & resume, then use it later to apply to certain colleges.
  • The Universal Application. A handful of more selective schools use the Universal Application, a tool similar to the Common App.

Automatic & Assured Admissions

Of course Texas has the top 10% rule, but many colleges offer assured admissions for students who meet set academic criteria (typically a combination of rank or GPA and test scores). This chart outlines several Texas public institutions and their assured admissions criteria by quartile.

Financial Aid

FAFSA - The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is available online every year beginning October 1st. By completing the FAFSA, students may be eligible for grants, work-study, and/or loans. The FAFSA4caster can be used to estimate your eligibility for federal student aid using past tax information. For more information about financial aid, check out FinAid.

Scholarships - Scholarships can take some work to find, then more work to apply. Here's where to look:

  • The college/university you're applying to; information will be posted on their financial aid page
  • Naviance - look at the scholarship match or scholarship list
  • The LHS Guidance & Counselling Office for local scholarship opportunities
  • Search engines like Fastweb and Scholly, or websites like Redkite or

Will my AP Test Score Count for College Credit?

This site on College Board allows you to search for specific colleges to determine which AP tests and scores will translate into credit at their school.

Additional Resources:

  • College for All Texans is one of the most comprehensive resources for students and parents. It includes links and information about preparing for, applying to, and paying for college or technical school.
  • Try Mapping Your Future for financial aid, school searches, and career-planning information
  • Get Schooled has college prep tools, college tour resources, and information about application essays for current high school students.
  • And of course, use Naviance for college search tools, scholarship searches, and the ability to save information to your account.
  • 25 Best Value Colleges & Universities in Texas is a great resource for students looking for affordable college education without breaking the bank.
  • The College Affordability Guide provides a listing of the most affordable colleges and universities & breaks them down by degree interest. This link allows you to see the 2018 Most Affordable Colleges in Texas.