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We thank our Founders Level sponsors,

Paul & Michelle Deere and Dell Technologies

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Vista Ridge INCubatoredu is pleased to announce our Board of Advisors / Directors for the 2017-2018 year. The volunteer board is comprised of entrepreneurs and seasoned business professionals that provide teams a strategic point of view. Importantly, they serve as the judges for determining the value of team’s MVP funds at mid year and they assess the team’s Pitch at the end of the year and determine which teams deserve seed funds. We are grateful to have a group of such qualified Board Members that bring years of experience in mentoring and judging teams at the college and professional levels.

Dale Quisenberry - Chairman of the Board of Directors for Spirit Reins, a non-profit focused on equine therapy for Children / Young Adults with Autism. Chairman of the Board for Unwired Nation. VP and Co-Founder of Crossroads Systems, Inc. where he took the company public and sold in 2000. Dale has been an angel investor and served on six early stage company Boards, assisted in the formation of Oil and Gas E&P fund and continues to offer advisory services to early stage companies.

Paul Deere- Owner at Paul Deere Properties, LLC, founder and CEO of Tolteq. Oil & Energy. A graduate of Texas A&M, he has worked closely with their Entrepreneurship program, serving as a judge for their yearend pitches. Paul is the Vista Ridge INCubatoredu Community champion has been responsible for promoting the INCubator program in the Cedar Park and Austin areas, gathering volunteers for the mentor and coaching positions.

Gloria Gonzales, Ph.D.- Executive Director at Leander ISD Educational Excellence Foundation (LEEF), has been instrumental in securing LEEF funding for the INCubatoredu Minimum Viable Product (MVP) process and has assisted in the establishment of financial protocol for student team fund management through ACCELeratoredu HS, the second-year program for teams that have completed INCubatoredu year 1, have received funding, and are ready to begin launching a business.

Bob Blomquist- Sr. Marketing Director Electronic Media, Dell. With over 35 years of Broadcast Media and Film experience working as a producer for CBS and NBC and Field Producer for Major League Baseball. Mr. Blomquist has extensive international experience in film and video production and is an active investor and mentor in the media and mobile technology sector.

Stacey Zuniga - With over 20 years of technology operations and finance experience, Mr. Zuniga has co-founded and lead financing efforts for several companies in the software and mobile sector having launched his first company in 2000. Mr. Zuniga continues to hold senior level positions in product strategy, operations and finance in the technology sector and has been a featured speaker at SXSW on entrepreneurship.

Gabe Diaz, III- A special thank you goes to Gabe for stepping in as a substitute judge for our MVP pitches on January 29th. Gabe has extensive knowledge and experience in the entrepreneurial arena. He is the President and Founder of Reallinx, and has a passion for developing and investing in promising startups.

We are grateful to have a group of such qualified Board Members that bring years of experience in mentoring and judging teams at the college and professional levels.

March 7th, 2018 INCubatoredu’s Chicago staff hosted a Central Texas open house at Vista Ridge. Almost 30 administrators from area school districts came to see our classroom and speak with our budding entrepreneurs. They were impressed with the passion students expressed when discussing their products and services.

STUDENTS LEARN BY DOING - INCubator is an innovative class in which students acquire foundational business concepts and apply them to the team's new business idea using principles from the LEAN startup movement. From concept to Minimimum Viable Product to Pitch, students hypothesize, test, build measure and learn. Importantly, they work and learn in teams.


  • COACHES are volunteer subject matter experts, who share best current thinking / practices in the classroom. Commitment of 3-5 days
  • MENTORS are volunteer guides, who advise student teams as they develop their business concepts. 1 hour per week commitment for the duration of the school year.
  • CLASSROOM TEACHERS are education professionals, who manage classroom dynamics and provide continuity.