Schedule Changes

I want to change my schedule! How can I do this?

    • Changes to schedules are only ideal in certain circumstances/situations, therefore it is NOT possible to grant every schedule change request.
    • The master schedule is created to accommodate the majority, there is without doubt individuals who will not receive their desired courses. While we regret these occurrences and do everything to avoid them, they are inevitable and unavoidable.
      • Student's schedules are driven by their elective choices and master schedule placement, therefore certain combinations are not possible.
      • Teacher requests will also NOT be accepted because of these reasons.
    • Students who chose year-long electives are expected to honor their commitments for the year.
    • The first week of any semester, there are no changes unless there is an extenuating circumstance like a girl in boys’ PE
    • Otherwise, students must completely fill out a drop/add course request form found in the counseling office or below.
Schedule Change Request Form.pdf