Registration & Choice Sheets

2018-19 Registration Choice Sheets

Frequently asked questions about elective choices:

1. Do I have to play football to be in boys athletics in the fall?

a. Yes, all boys signing up for boys athletics in the fall will play football. If you are just interested in only basketball, please choose PE and after try-outs schedule changes will be completed.

2. Can I do Cheerleading or Black Diamonds and Athletics?

a. 7th graders can participate in both Cheerleading and Athletics, but not Black Diamonds and Athletics.

3. I didn’t attend Diamond Shine the week before Spring Break, can I still be in Black Diamonds?

a. No, Diamond Shine is a requirement to enroll in Black Diamonds. If your student was absent when Diamond Shine took place, please contact director Jaime Herrera @ .

4. What happens if I do not get into an elective I applied for?

a. If your student doesn’t get placed in an elective they applied for, the next numbered choice will be considered until an elective is found that fits with his/her schedule.

5. Do any other classes substitute for the “academic elective” requirement besides the 4 listed?

a. No, all students must be enrolled in 1 of the 4 courses listed under the academic elective section. The only exception is students enrolled in Study Skills due to their IEP.

6. I’m a GT/QUEST student. Can I participate in AVID, Gateway or Spanish instead of QUEST?

a. Yes, AVID, Gateway, and Spanish all count as QUEST substitute courses.

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