Off Campus PE

Why is physical activity required?

According to Senate Bill 530: Physical Activity Requirements for public school students, "...beginning with the 2008-2009 school year, students in grades six through eight will be required to participate in daily physical activity for at least thirty minutes for at least four semesters during those grade levels."

How does SB 530 affect my student?

In LISD, students will be required to participate in Physical Education class (or its equivalent) for two years during their middle school years. Due to curriculum covered, all sixth graders are required to participate in an LMS Physical Education class.

What is Off-Campus Physical Education (OCPE)?

Students can apply for Off Campus PE (OCPE) by completing the attached form. OCPE programs may be conducted off campus; however, they must be all-year programs, not seasonal league sports or activities. Students seeking to satisfy this requirement through their participation in extra-curricular activities with a moderate or vigorous physical activity component can do so with proof of participation.

What are the different categories for OCPE?

Category I:

Olympic-level participation and/or competition includes a minimum of 15 hours per week of highly intensive, professional, supervised training. The training facility, instructors, and the activities involved in the program must be certified by the superintendent to be of exceptional quality. Students qualifying and participating at this level may be dismissed from school one hour per day. Students dismissed may not miss any class other than physical education.

Category II:

Private or commercially-sponsored physical activities include those certified by the superintendent to be of high quality and well supervised by appropriately trained instructors. Student participation of at least 5 hours per week must be required. Students certified to participate at this level may not be dismissed from any part of the regular school day.

Follow the link above to further information, including OCPE application.