Registering for a Test

Step 1 - Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA)

  1. Go to http://sites.austincc.edu/paa/
  2. Start with the Introduction and go page by page through Section 5

**Please note that this pre assessment activity is through ACC and mentions charges associated with taking this assessment. If you are taking this assessment at GHS, you will not be charged for this assessment. If you have to end up going to ACC to take the TSI you will be charged to take it at ACC**

  1. At the end, be sure to click on "Section 5: Student Resources", then "Last Steps to Complete the PAA"; fill out and submit the Certificate of Completion form (you must complete the high school section)
  2. You will receive an email with the Certificate of Completion
  3. You will upload a copy of this email when you register to take the TSI at GHS (see below in Step 2).

Your Next Steps:

  1. Study! Go to the TSI website, review materials and take the practice tests
  2. TSI Study App Info

Step 2 - Register for a Test Date

  1. To register for one of the available TSI Testing Opportunities, please fill out the TSI Registration Form **Please note that you will be required to upload a copy of the Certificate of Completion email mention above in Step 1--Be prepared**
  2. Each student is provided with opportunities to test through LISD, if you need to re-test, you will be required to study/take care of some intervention and then be allowed to retest with Ms. Sabrsula. *Please note that after a few attempts of taking the assessment, you may be limited on your retesting opportunities.
    • Additional retesting opportunities take place at ACC - Students can schedule a testing appointment online.
    • Please note that students will be charged at ACC when they take the assessment at any ACC campus.