Assessment & Exemption

TSI - Texas Success Initiative: Students who wish to enroll in college level courses (either as a traditional or Dual Credit student) must meet TSI standards showing basic college readiness in reading, writing and mathematics. These standards have been set by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for the assessments listed below and must be met in order to take college level course work at any Texas public higher education institution.

GHS tudents are eligible to take the TSI Assessment for FREE at an LISD campus (pay attention to when these are happening on your campus and take advantage of those testing dates offered). Retesting is available at an ACC campus, for a fee that must be paid for by the student.

Am I TSI Complete?

There are several paths to meeting TSI requirements:

Exemptions Based on Test Scores

      • SAT (March 2016 and later) Score Exemption Criteria
            • Reading & Writing Exemption = 480+ Evidence Based Reading & Writing Score (EBRW)
            • Math Exemption = 530+
      • ACT Score Exemption Criteria
          • Reading & Writing 23 Composite Score + 19 English Score
          • Math TSI Exemption = 23 Composite Score + 19 Math Score

PSAT Score Exemption Criteria (as of April 30, 2018)

          • Evidence-Based Reading & Writing (EBRW) = 460+
          • Math = 510+

STAAR Exemption Criteria

          • English II EOC (4000)
          • Algebra I EOC (4000) + Algebra II (grade of A, B, or C)

***Please note, that the STAAR & PSAT scores are not valid to prove TSI completion for graduating seniors. Students meeting above eligibility requirements may not be considered college ready until successful completion of the college-level courses (with a grade of A, B, or C)***

***It is always best to check to verify whether you are considered TSI complete and not just assume that you are.***

TSI Assessment Administration (Reading; Writing; and Math Placement)

College Readiness Benchmarks Include:

    1. Reading Placement - multiple choice 351 - 390 ;
    2. Writing Placement - Two Ways: (1) multiple choice score of 340-390 AND essay score of 4 + OR (2) multiple choice score of 310-339 and ABE Diagnostic level is 4-6 and essay of 5-8 ;
    3. Math Placement 350 - 390

***Note: A a student can be partially complete. However, to be fully complete in Reading and Writing, a student must pass both the Reading and Writing sections.

What can I do if I am not TSI Complete?

Take the TSI Assessment:

This is a test offered year-round at any ACC Assessment Center and will be offered at LISD Campuses throughout the year. You will only need to test in the area(s) in which you are not TSI complete. All students will qualify for one free test administration through LISD.

Take (or re-take) the SAT or ACT

Please let Ms. Sabrsula know if you have updated SAT or ACT scores that will qualify you as TSI complete. Then, be sure to send these scores to the college you plan to attend.

How can I prepare for the TSI Assessment?

  1. Review the resources available here: TSI Assessment Prep Resources.

Still have questions or want to know more?

Check out the TSI FAQ page.