Dual Credit

How to Read the ACC Online Course Schedule

ACC has a helpful website that provides online information about course offerings, schedules, and locations. This website is especially important because it shows "you the locations, days and times of the classes you are registering for.

Which textbooks do I need?

So how exactly do you know which textbook to order for your ACC dual-credit course? Well, you have three options:

OPTION A - (RECOMMENDED): Log in to Online Services and choose "My Textbooks" from the student menu. This will tell you which books are required for the courses in which you are currently registered. If nothing is posted, the professor may not have designated the texts yet, so in that case just check back or jump to option C.

OPTION B: Check out the ACC bookstore website, where you can look up your exact class and find out which textbook to buy.

OPTION C: Wait until the first day of class to find out from the professor.

Textbooks: buying, renting, or scholarships

  1. Buy textbooks from the ACC bookstore in person or order from their website.
  2. Purchase textbooks from other websites like AMAZON,, Barnes & Noble, or Abe Books. They usually offer new and used book options.
  3. Rent textbooks from sites such as Chegg; College Book Renter; and Vital Source

Are there scholarship opportunities for purchasing textbooks for my ACC classes?

Yes, please the links below for textbook scholarship opportunities. Please see Ms. Sabrsula if you would like the Scholarship Form.

How do I know which courses will transfer?

ACC provides helpful information about courses that will transfer (equivalent) to other universities from this web page.

If the university you plan to attend cannot be found from the Texas Common Course Numbering System or the University's Information page, it is best to contact their offices to determine what will transfer (and what will not).

Where can I find verification of my course schedule or ACC grades?

On the ACC website, students can create their ACCeID then use this log-in information to access ACC’s Online Services. Through the Online Services, you can register for classes, view your transcript, confirm your schedule, and see where the classes meet.

***Refer to the Enrollment Steps for setting up your ACCeID.***

How can I find out more about this professor before registering for the class?

First, if there is a link provided on the ACC schedule listing, click on that to see what kind of information might be posted on their website and/or syllabus. Otherwise, you can also try Rate My Professor to get some insight from previous students' ratings of the professor.

How can I prepare for the US History STAAR Exam?

If you are taking US History through ACC, you are still expected to take and pass the US History STAAR Exam as a graduation requirement. The test is offered three times a year: December, May, and July. For specific dates, contact Ms. Sabrsula.

To prepare for the exam, we encourage students to reference this US History facts book that summarizes important information to know. If you'd like a hard-copy of this book, please see Ms. Sabrsula.