Enrollment Steps

Dual Credit

Follow these steps to enroll in ACC courses as a dual credit student.

NEW STUDENTS: Must complete steps 1-4 (one time only), then you will be allowed to proceed to steps 5-7.

RETURNING STUDENTS: Must complete steps 5-7 each semester to be eligible and enroll in classes.

Step 1: Apply Online

  1. Go to ACC's online application.
  2. Click on the PURPLE "Apply Now" button.
  3. Complete and submit the online application. (If you do not have a SS#, see Mr. Sabrsula to be assigned an alternate number.)
    1. When asked on the application "Basis of Admission" please be sure to select the High School Dual Credit Program

Step 2: Activate your ACCeID and ACCmail (must wait 24 hours after applying)

  1. Activate your ACCeID by going to ACCeID Activation and click on the ACCeID link at the top of the page; follow the steps to obtain your ACCeID, establish password, and set security questions - SAVE THIS INFORMATION.
  2. Once you have obtained your ACCeID, go to Activation & Login Assistance (ACCMail) and click on ACCmail at the top of the page; choose "Activation & Login Assistance" on the left and follow the steps to activate your ACCmail account.

Step 3: Complete GHS Dual Credit Orientation

Students are required to complete an orientation for Leander ISD. The ACC Dual Credit Orientation covers crucial information about the program including the student's schedule, implications for high school & college GPA, calendar challenges, as well as policies and tips for success.

To complete the Orientation requirements, please follow the instructions below:

  1. New-to-ACC students and at least one parent/guardian access the Orientation Presentation by following this link.
  2. After viewing the orientation Google Slide Presentation you will be required to sign the GHS Orientation Verification Form and turn in to Ms. Sabrsula in the College & Career Center. Please make sure the form is completely filled out.
      1. If you need Ms. Sabrsula to print one off for you, please contact her and she will provide you with a copy to take home.
      2. If you plan to print one yourself at GHS, please remember you have access to print to the printers on campus (select the "follow me" printer and pick up your print in the MAC)
  3. Please review the information provided by Austin Community College with regards to : Student Success & Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Early College Start

Step 4: Meet College Readiness Testing Requirements

  1. Determine if you need to take the TSI Assessment (see this page for qualified exemption scores). If it is determined you are exempt from testing, you may skip to Step 5. See Ms. Sabrsula if you need help determining your status.
  2. If you are not exempt with existing scores, you must complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) prior to taking the TSI Assessment. The PAA can be completed online here.
        1. At the end of the PAA, submit the Certificate of Completion (confirmation email) to Ms. Sabrsula (either in print form or feel free to forward Ms. Sabrsula the email).
  3. Next, sign up for a TSI Assessment administration **Currently there are not any further opportunities for TSI Testing at GHS** Please follow these instructions to schedule a testing opportunity at ACC Cypress Creek.

Note: It is the student's responsibility to notify Ms. Sabrsula via email if you receive testing accommodations (for 504 and Special Education students). Once approved to take ACC courses, you must work through the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office at ACC to be approved for accommodations in your college courses.

Step 5: Obtain ACC College / High School Partnerships - Enrollment Form

  1. Meet with Ms. Sabrsula to obtain a 5-part Enrollment Form. This form must be completed in BLUE or BLACK ink and be signed by you, your parent, and Ms. Sabrsula before meeting with ACC Advisors.
  2. Turn the completed form in to Ms. Sabrsula or you may be asked to take the enrollment form yourself to ACC if it is past the deadline.

Step 6: Meet with an ACC Advisor

  1. Meet with an ACC Advisor at any ACC campus or with a Dual Credit Representative during a pre-arranged advising session at GHS.
      1. **The Advising opportunities on campus have already occurred** Please contact Lauren Thomas at ACC to schedule an advising appointment

Step 7: Register

  1. **Course Planning Sessions have already occurred on campus** A copy of the Course Planning Session Presentation is available here.
  2. To finalize this process, please schedule an appointment with Ms. Sabrsula to ensure you have completed all steps and to get an additional information.

PLEASE NOTE : You are NOT OFFICIALLY registered for an ACC class until you complete the process to register for that specific class. In advising, you are approved to register for classes, but YOU are responsible for logging into your ACC Account and registering for your classes.