Application Process

How do I submit an application?

You begin by filling out your college applications, which at your earliest could be the summer before your senior year. Application deadlines vary, so make sure to check each school's website for specific information regarding application deadlines.

You can use one of several different methods in order to complete an application:

  • - allows you to complete your personal info and upload your essays one time, then you select the school(s) to which you want to apply. Please note: application requirements may vary by school, so find out school-specific info prior to applying.
      • Also, an application fee is required for each school you are applying (fee waivers are available - see info on the College Board website regarding what fee waivers cover).
      • Review the FAQ page prior to beginning your application in order to get some helpful tips that could save you time (and frustration).
  • - same concept as ApplyTexas but member schools are mainly out-of-state or private in-state.
  • Individual Campus Applications - located directly on the school's website (typically under the Admissions menu).

What is automatic and assured admissions?

Texas has the top 10% rule (except for UT Austin which is top 6%), but many colleges offer assured admissions for students who meet set academic criteria (typically a combination of rank or GPA and test scores). This chart outlines several Texas public institutions and their assured admissions criteria.

What info will I need to submit with my application?

  • Personal info - name, address, social security #, etc.
  • Essays* - ApplyTexas has three to chose from, but essay requirements vary by school
  • Application fees*
  • High school transcript - request through Parchment
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • Dual Credit transcript - request through ACC Online Services Account (requires student login)
  • Residency form*
  • Supplemental information form*
  • Letters of Recommendation*

I have submitted my applications - now what?

Schools will generally send you login information for their student portal. This allows you to check the status of your application and whether you need to submit further info. Please be aware that sometimes there is a lag from the time you send your information to the time they receive it into their system (even if you send something electronically). Get in the habit of checking your email for information from the colleges your applied to.

I got in - now what?

Here is a list of next steps to consider after receiving the acceptance letter: What's Next? Steps for Enrolling in College?

*Specific requirements may vary by school so it is important to verify with each school what is required and what is not.