Career Planning Resources

Step 1: Reflect and Discover

  1. Discover Your Interests and Aptitudes
      • Naviance - try the StrengthsExplorer, Career Interest Profiler, & Cluster Finder
      • - try the Kiersey Temperament Sorter, a personality test
      • National Career Development Association - explore careers, plan for the future, search for employment, and find additional training necessary to pursue your dream
      • Big Future - match your interests with careers
      • ASVAB - this test assesses your aptitudes and interests and is offered at VHS each fall
  2. Explore Careers by Taking Classes
  3. Other Ways to Explore
      • Join related clubs/organizations
      • Volunteer
      • Work, intern, or job shadow - participate in COOL Week during your senior year (information will be released regarding COOL week at a later date).

Step 2: Research Careers and Earnings Potential

  1. What will you need to make to support your lifestyle?
  2. Learn more about specific careers
      • Naviance's using the Explore Careers & Clusters tool
  3. Find out more about job descriptions, outlook, earnings potential, and education requirements using:

Important Things to Consider While Career Researching:

      • What will a certificate earn you? An associate's degree? A bachelor's degree? A graduate degree?
      • Are there job openings in this field?
      • Are there other related jobs that are more secure?

Step 3: Determine an Educational Path

  1. Research which institutions will offer a path to your desired career.