Adding Wifi and Email

Settings for a variety of BYOT

CPMS cannot troubleshoot EVERY BYOT device - it would be impossible. But many ask for the same settings when setting up connectivity to WIFI.

How to Add CPMS Wifi to your device

1. Navigate to your WIFI settings page.

2. Select LISD-WIFI

3. Double check that you selected LISD -HYPHEN-WIFI

4. Add your username when prompted (this is the same username you use for the computers on Campus)

5. Add your password when prompted (this is the same password you use for the computers on Campus)

6. Accept any certificates.

**If you change your password at school, you will need to change the password on your phone to access wifi again.

Can't connect? Here are some troubleshooting tips and information about BYOD and issues with our network.


How to Add Outlook LISD Email to your device (FACULTY)

1. Navigate in your settings to your mail. And select "add Email".

2. When choosing an account type choose: EXCHANGE

3. Server:

4. Domain:

5. Username: firstname_lastname

6. Password: is the same as the computer.

PDF with screenshots HERE.

**because everyone has a different device I cannot add specific instructions for specific brands/versions/technology here. Some devices may ask for all this information, some may only ask for parts. These settings should work for your device. If not, then please refer to your device instructions or your specific phone carrier for further troubleshooting.


Navigate to your Wifi Settings:

EAP METHOD: PEAP (This is usually the default)

Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2 (this usually says none but needs to be changed)

Identity: this is your computer login username

Password: this is your computer login password