Cedar Park Middle School Technology


UPDATED 5/9/18

Spring/Summer 2018 mLISD Deployment/ Device Collection

Payments for mLISD Laptops

The payment window opened April 1, 2018 for families to secure their students’ district-provided laptops for the 2018-19 school year. If current 6th-8th graders pay by MAY 28TH they will be able to keep their laptops over the summer for no additional charge. Current 5th graders may also pay in advance to prepare for the deployment of their laptops, which will occur at the beginning of the next school year.


Advantages to students keeping the laptop over the summer:

  • Students can practice their typing and extend their learning through self-guided and assigned summer projects.
  • Students can continue to access ebooks via Overdrive or Google Books.
  • Students will have their laptop on the first day of school. Deployment at the beginning of the year may mean you have to wait until the 2nd or 3rd week of school to receive your laptop.
  • Your mLISD fee of $70 is already taken care of, so there is one less expense in the August back-to-school budget.

Please note that Leander ISD is now providing Internet filtering when the mLISD device is not attached to the district’s network. Click HERE for more information/FAQ about the new filtering system.

Price: $70 for entire year or $35 for students receiving free or reduced lunch.

Payment methods:

A) Debit/credit cards through the mLISD website

B) Cash payment and parent agreement form through campus office

C) Scholarship form and parent agreement form through campus office

Click here for more information about mLISD and access to sign-up and pay. Please contact your grade-level counselor for information regarding scholarship availability.

Grade Level Laptop Pickup Dates:

  • 8th grade - May 29th
  • 7th grade - May 30th
  • 6th grade- May 31st


8th graders have the same process. If you pay prior to MAY 28TH they will take their laptop to any high school they attend in LISD. There is no action on your part once they become freshman. The laptop automatically transfers to that high school. If you choose not to pay prior to MAY 28TH the student will return their laptop & charger. If you pay once they arrive as a 9th grader they will be issued computer there and not have access to a computer during the summer. *Please note, when students are reissued a computer it doesn't mean they will receive a "new" computer. MLISD guarantees a working computer, but not necessarily a new one. The district is in the process of purchasing laptops to begin to replace a portion of our fleet. At this time, there is not a definitive plan on the how that new-computer deployment will look. There are many scenarios that are being discussed.

Contact information:

Kassie Cooper - Campus Technologist

Email: kassie.cooper@leanderisd.org

Phone: 512-570-3139 (direct line)**

**If you call me, please understand that my response time will be a lot slower. Because I have kids in my office a lot and can't have an uninterrupted conversation, email is the preferred method of communication. I will answer you within 24hrs.