Cedar Park Middle School Technology


UPDATED July 2019

MLISD UPDATES August 1, 2019

Payments for mLISD Laptops

The payment portal is open for parents to secure their students’ district-provided laptops.

Price: $70 for entire year or $35 for students receiving free or reduced lunch.

Payment methods:

A) Debit/credit cards through the mLISD website

B) Cash payment and parent agreement form through campus office

C) Scholarship form and parent agreement form through campus office

Click here for more information about mLISD and access to sign-up and pay. Please contact your grade-level counselor for information regarding scholarship availability.

Pay your laptop fee HERE

District MLISD Information


For students who have elected to participation (but didn't keep their computer over the summer) in the mLISD program deployment dates will be as follows:

6th graders-August 19th

7th graders-August 20th

8th graders-August 20th

Contact information:

Kassie Cooper - Campus Technologist

Email: kassie.cooper@leanderisd.org

Phone: 512-570-3139 (direct line)**

**If you call me, please understand that my response time will be a lot slower. Because I have kids in my office a lot and can't have an uninterrupted conversation, email is the preferred method of communication. I will answer you within 24hrs.