6th to 7th Grade Registration

6th to 7th Grade Choice Sheet Presentation (2018)

Current 6th graders will receive choice sheets on:

Date: TBD

Mrs. Selken, the 6th Grade Counselor, will meet with students on this day to discuss 7th grade elective options and to assist students in filling out their preliminary choice sheets. Students will leave a copy with the CPMS Counselor and take the white copy home to their parent/guardian to approve, sign, and then return.

All white copies must be signed by parents and returned to their Social Studies teacher by TBD!

Steps to Register for Courses

Step 1: Students will meet with the Counselor during their Social Studies class on TBD and complete their preliminary choice sheet.

Step 2: Students take home their white choice sheet copy and with their parent/guardian they will make their final choice selections on the choice sheets and parents will sign.

Step 3: IMPORTANT- Student returns parent signed choice sheet back to their Science teacher by TBD.