5th to 6th Grade Registration

5th Grade Parent Night (2019)

5th Grade Parent Night will be held at Cedar Park Middle School on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH, 2019. Parents and students will hear a presentation from 6th grade teachers from each department area as well as a presentation from the counseling department about available course options and information on registering for courses. You will also have the opportunity to meet with elective teachers and coaches.

5th Grade Visits (2019)

5th Grade Visits are an opportunity for incoming 6th graders to learn more about CPMS and begin the process of registering for classes. Students will be given a choice sheet during this time and will be asked to make preliminary elective choices. They will also bring a copy of the choice sheet home to their parents to approve and sign. During the 5th Grade Visits, students will get to meet current 6th grade teachers as well as eat at the CPMS cafeteria.

5th Grade Visits Schedule:

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21 (Cypress, Faubion, Westside)

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22 (Deer Creek, Reed, Naumann)

Steps to Register for Courses

Step 1: Students will be given a choice sheet during 5th Grade Visits and will be asked to rank their elective choices with #1 being the class they want the most. Students leave one copy at CPMS and take the white choice sheet copy home.

Step 2: Students take home their white choice sheet copy and with their parent/guardian, they will make their final choice selections on the choice sheet and parents will sign.

Step 3: IMPORTANT- To complete the process, student returns parent signed choice sheet back to their elementary teacher by FRIDAY, MARCH 1st.