Fine Arts News

CPMS Band Honored with National Invitation

The Cedar Park Middle School Symphonic Band has been ranked as the fourth best in the nation. Their hard work and dedication have paid off in the form of an invitation to perform in front of the National Conference of Musicians and Music Educators in Chicago this December. The honor has really moved the students to pour themselves into the music this year. Many students are already looking ahead for what participating in the event could mean. Eighth grader Trey Thompson feels it will help with that college resume, “It’s a big deal and looks really good if you’re applying to a music school.” All of the musicians are excited to go on such a massive field trip. Eighth grader Hadley Song said, “I’m really pumped to go to Chicago, it’s gonna be fun.” This honor is not just another feather in the cap of an outstanding music program, this is a big deal, and the band directors and the students are all buzzing with excitement about the event. They truly represent our Leopard Pride.

story by Zoe Byabagye (8), CPMS Press Editor

photo by Ms. Sharma, CPMS Press adviser

Crimson Cadets Dance Their Way Through Fall

The Crimson Cadets have danced three different routines this fall at nine great football games, one of which was performed with their big sister team, the Cedar Park High School Celebrities. The Cadets don’t just begin work when school starts, this squad has worked hard since summer camp and continuing with early morning practice and in class each day.

They have seen many things this season with the weather, red lipstick, crickets, and injuries. But the hardships and good times have helped them create a family with big and little siblings. “I love how we have created a family like environment,” seventh grade new member Erika Kauffman tells us. These dancers are proud of every performance they have done. The Cadets are sad that this football season is over yet excited about going into competition season and about what the future holds for this team.

story by Piper Hernandez (8), CPMS Press Editor

photo by Ms. Sharma, CPMS Press adviser

CPMS Theatre Looks at Life After Neverland

The students in Theatre UIL are rehearsing to perform a play called Lost Girl by Kimberly Belflower. The public performance will be on the stage at Cedar Park Middle School on December 5th at 7:00 pm. As they prepare for the public performance, they are also preparing for the UIL One Act Play competition on December 7th, where they will compete against all the middle schools in the district. CPMS Theatre is set to go on the contest stage at Rouse High School at 11:00 am.

Eighth grader Courtney McDanald, playing Wendy, expresses her excitement, “I am very excited because Lost Girls is such a creative and unique play, and it will be a lot of fun to perform.” However, excitement and nervousness often go hand in hand, as eighth grader Cadence Teicher, playing Chorus B/Callie, states, “Of course I feel nervous because this is my first time in a UIL production, but I know we will all do well.” Nervousness is unavoidable at times, but all that matters is the effort they put in. “We spent a lot of time practicing, and if we have free time, we will spend it practicing our lines. Everyone’s been working hard and supporting each other if somebody needs help,” said eighth grader David Dye, playing the role of Toodles, one of the Lost Boys.

This month of November will be very important for practice and getting everything right for Lost Girl. CPMS Theatre will definitely be expressing its Leopard Pride.

story by Kira Griffin (8), CPMS Press Editor

photo by Ms. Sharma, adviser