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Leopards Learn Culture Through Language and Holidays

The eighth grade Spanish classes have recently finished a big project that featured the holiday of el Dia de los Muertos. Students learned that during this holiday, families celebrate their deceased loved ones by building altars for them, decorated in photos of the deceased, their favorite foods, some of the items they enjoyed in life, and various symbols associated with the holiday, such as cempasuchil (Mexican marigolds) and colorful skeletons. During this project, the students were required to select someone who has passed away and build an altar based on them and the interests they had in life. The students got the opportunity to learn much about this Mexican holiday, as said by eighth grader Vivien Jenson, “I got to learn that the day of the dead is not a time to mourn your lost ones, but connect with them,” which is widely felt by all the students who participated in this project. Many amazing creations came out of this project thanks to the guidance of our wonderful Spanish teachers and the hard work of our students. Most students saw this topic as being very interesting in many ways. For example, Jack Elliot told us, “I find the fact that it was an ancient Aztec tradition most interesting.” It was also a very fun learning process. Katie Higdon agrees and added, “I enjoyed learning the way that the Mexicans celebrate it and being able to celebrate loved ones.”

photo and story by James Sanderson (8), CPMS Press staff