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AVID Students Visit Area Colleges

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and is a place where students are challenged, helped, supported and where students can prepare for their future. Students come into AVID with high expectations and are challenged to meet their academic goals. They also take educational field trips to colleges.

These field trips are designed to give a glimpse as to what it is really like to be a college student, what the colleges look like, what the majors are, and how to get into the school. It sets students up for when they are older.

Seventh grade AVID students toured Baylor University on October 24th. Students saw the science building and took a tour through the beautiful historic campus.

Eighth grade AVID students went on a trip to Texas University on October 31st and saw everything from the famous UT tower to the LBJ library. The students described the trips as fun, educational, and made them really think about their future and which colleges they might like and to think which to apply to.

AVID is an amazing learning experience every student should have, as it partners with the students to prepare for bright futures and stay on the road to success.

story by Mia Caldwell (7) & Jayna Lipkin (7), CPMS Press staff

photo provided by Ms. Abuqulal