​Student Printers on Campus:

  • CM-LIBR - Library
  • CM-LIB2 - Library
  • CM-LBA2 - Lecture Hall (top of A-hall stairs)
  • CM-LBB2 - B215 (small room upstairs)
  • CM-DWING - Cabinet across from D104


  • IMPORTANT: Launch IE (Internet Explorer) browser. (You may need to search for it. The logo is a blue E with a yellow ring across the left top.)
  • Navigate to:
  • Select Cedar Park Middle School
  • Select the printer you want. (Locations listed in middle column.)
  • Click "Yes" and/or "Connect" to confirm you want to load this printer.
  • Wait for the message, "This printer has been added to your folder".
  • Go to your document. If you have print windows open, close them, then reopen. Your printer should appear in the list now.

Setting a Default Printer

  • Swipe right from the left
  • Settings
  • Control Panel
  • Search for “default printer”
  • Click on that link
  • Right-click on the printer that you want to be your default printer
  • Select Set as default printer
  • A green checkmark will appear on that printer

If you'd like to print these directions to keep handy: Directions for Adding a Printer to Your Lenovo


Only print what is required.

1. Open a Word document.

2. Click the Layout tab in the tools ribbon, then click the Margins button, and choose Narrow. (This will help use less paper.)

3. Click and drag to highlight the article text you need. Then copy it, by pressing Command key and the letter C.

4. Paste the text onto the Word document, by setting your cursor on the page, then pressing Command key and the letter V.

5. Click on any graphics or text you do not need, and press the Delete key. Delete big spaces between paragraphs.

6. If you still have just a few lines on the last page, highlight the full article (press Command and A for "choose all") and reduce the font size from the Home tab.

Pro Tip: 2-sided printing uses half the paper as single-sided.

Instructions for Google Docs are similar, with these exceptions:

MARGINS are revised by clicking and dragging the spacers at the top of the document.

PRINTING from Google Drive requires that you use the printer icon within the program, NOT the print function in your browser (extreme top ribbon). Steps also vary depending on the browser you are using.

In Firefox: Then you will get a pop-up box -- choose Open with Preview.

In the new screen, Choose File in the browser bar (very top), then Print.

From there, select your printer. and proceed to print.

In Chrome: In the pop-up box, choose the Print Using System Dialog link at the bottom.

In the new pop-up, choose a printer, and proceed to print. (If you are allowed to choose 2-sided printing, this will use half the paper as single-sided.)




If you have an internet connection, you can access files saved to your LISD U:drive (blue folder) through FILR from anywhere. Use your computer username and password to enter. Portal is HERE.


Respect copyrights! HERE are some examples of copyright infringement.

  • Creative Commons Try to find copyright-free graphics, when possible. This explains what "creative commons" is, and how to access these graphics.


  • Pics4Learning Copyright-free images, curated especially for school projects.
  • Flickr Some free images. (Search for topic > Advanced > Any license menu > choose intended use) Registration is required only for saving favorites and uploading your own images/videos; excellent cloud storage. Can search without registration, though.
  • 4 free photos Free images.
  • Morgue file Free images.
  • Compflight Free images.
  • Icon finder Icons and images; some free
  • Aviary Edit images, create great effects, design logos, find colors, collaborate.


  • Jing Software program that records voice and onscreen demonstrations. (Download from LISD Software Center.)
  • Blabberize Upload any picture and add your own voice and information.
  • Voki Voki allows you to create personalized speaking avatars and use them on your blog, profile, email. Free.


  • Audacity This program offers a very good music editor and audio recorder.


Forgot your LISD password?

Click HERE, then "Forgotten Password" and follow the directions. For detailed step-by-step instructions, click HERE. After those steps, if you still cannot access your account, you will need to see Ms. Nations or Ms. Cooper.


Your LISD username (for accessing computers) is different from your LISD Google account (for accessing Google sites).

Here are examples:

LISD Username, with first 8 letters of last name: washingt_999999

Google Username, all letters of first and last


At School:

1. From your browser, click Google Student Login bookmark in the bookmark banner. (Just under the URL & search bars.)

2. Your username is your first name, period, last name and last 2 digits of your student number, followed by


3. Enter password -- the same as your computer login password.

4. Click on the square with smaller gray squares in the upper right corner (Google apps icon).

5. Choose Gmail icon. Your email will load right away.

At Home:

1. Get to Google Drive. You can search for that in Google. (Recommended: Then add as a bookmark.)

2. Follow Steps 2-5 above.

For a short video tutorial on how to direct mail from specific senders directly to an email folder, click HERE.

New Student Modules. Must be supervised and verified by a Techspert to receive a laptop after annual payment.