Pass Policy: Students can visit the library during class time with a teacher pass, which indicates your permission. (You can use this generic library pass... just be sure to add your name to it.) Students without passes will be sent back. Please include this procedure in sub plans. Unsupervised groups of up to 5 students are welcome, as there are often other students and classses here, too. If students would like to come to the library before school or during lunch, they will need to pick up a library-issued pass from the library counter.

Scheduling the Library & Resources: Please schedule library time for your class through Eduphoria. (Directions: left column below, scroll down.) Check-out time can be scheduled for 20 minute blocks. General library use can be scheduled, as well.

Library/Research Lessons: Lessons can be scheduled in advance. Co-planning and co-teaching is welcome, but not required. A teacher must be present with his/her class in the library, and needed to oversee circulations while I'm teaching. Contact me.

Library Classroom: The classroom located in the library is dedicated to counseling use, such as 504 meetings and secure test storage. You must schedule and arrange access to the library classroom with our counselors.

Reserve Library Amenities on Eduphoria *

  • Check-out visits for full class, 20 minute increments. (If you need several increments in a day, let me show you way that allows others to reserve during your off-periods, but is easier for you. I am also flexible on increments.)
  • Library tables/space for large groups or whole class

Check-Out at Counter (Reserve Ahead in Person, If Critical)

  • VCR/DVD players
  • Digital cameras
  • Video cameras
  • Calculator sets
  • Presenter remotes
  • Boomboxes (multiple earphone jack ports available)
  • Mobile data projectors
  • Document projectors
  • Listening centers, cassette tape only
  • Microphones with cables, for use with microphone floor jacks in gym & cafe
  • Small speakers, for use with devices with earphone jacks
  • Batteries for library items, such as PlayAway audio books and presentation remotes


  • Items that are department-specific, such as iPod Touches (Social Studies) and motion detectors (Science), will be checked to members of those departments as needed. Permission from respective department heads are required for all other staff.

What the Library Doesn't Provide

  • Batteries for department-specific equipment, such as calculators (Purchase with department budgets.)
  • Change for vending machines (no cash on hand)
  • Computer accessories, such as chargers, adaptors, mouses (see Kassie Cooper, CPMS technologist)



‚ÄčType Eduphoria (on campus) or (off campus) into URL bar

> Enter your LISD username and password

> Select Facilities & Events > Make a Reservation

> CPMS > Choose Library (or Atrium/Foyer for courtyard)

> Click Next > Choose desired reservation

> Select Browse for Your Items > Check the appropriate boxes on right

> Choose day (can adjust day, week, month view) and set times

TIP: Instead of entering multiple blocks for each period in a single day (time-consuming!), enter a small block (Ex: 8:00-8:05) and type "1st 20 min, Periods 1, 2, 4, 5, 6", or something similar, in the TITLE LINE. (I can't see text you enter in the Reason box.)

You will receive a confirmation by email. PLEASE DELETE YOUR RESERVATION IN EDUPHORIA IF NO LONGER NEEDED to free the items or times for others!

NOTE: I don't receive notifications from Eduphoria. If reserving with 2 or fewer days notice, please drop me an email so I can be sure your visit is optimized.

6th Grade - through Extention, QUEST & AVID; LISD curriculum:

  • Library Orientation
  • Research Skills Series
    • Catalog Searching
    • Subscription Databases
    • Credible Websites

7th & 8th Grade - by request

  • Citing Sources (with NoodleTools)
  • Curriculum-specific research
  • Copyright compliance
  • Reliable information vs. "fake news"
  • Lesson collaboration with librarian & teacher(s)

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~




To show a commercial film in class: Visual Media Procedures

For online-video approval requests that are NOT YouTube:

Check if the video is already approved for student by following these instructions from LISD's Tech Dept. Next steps for approval are included.

YOUTUBE REQUEST FORM -- for YouTube (only) videos students will self-access at school. Though likely much sooner, please allow at least one full school day for approval. Click here to check the status of your request once submitted.



Need a book set for group or class use? Check our ELA book rooms HERE first. Grade-level tabs are at the bottom of the sheets. Ask grade-level ELA teachers for access to these books.

For CPMS & LISD library items, how to find & reserve items for your instruction or leisure:

  • Go to Destiny Catalog. (CPMS > Library in left column > Catalog)
  • Click the Login button at top right.
  • Enter your LISD credentials.
  • Click the Catalog tab, begin your search. (It defaults to Cedar Park Middle School, but you can change to All Leander under Location.)
  • When you find an interesting choice, notice to the right how many copies are currently available.
  • Click the TITLE LINK to open more record details.
  • If you want this item, click the "Hold It!" button at the bottom of the right column.

CPMS titles are typically delivered to you in 1-2 school days. You are welcome to come for it if you need it sooner, or send a student who can locate it for check-out, since I must fit pulling materials around circulation and library lessons.

Off-campus requests generally arrive in 3-5 school days. If an item is currently checked out when requested, it will be sent as soon as possible after returns.

IF YOU'D LIKE MORE THAN 1 COPY OF A TITLE, EMAIL ME. Destiny limits to one hold per title, but I can request more for you!

Please be kind and only request items you plan to use and return within a month or sooner, especially those borrowed from other schools. Unavailability for browsing and borrowing reduces item use. You may feel that some longer texts, DVDs or units require more time; in that case, please let me know in advance, if possible.



  • Professional Books & Adult Novels - In AV Materials Storeroom
  • DVD's & VHS's - In AV Materials Storeroom
  • Student Fiction - Tall shelves along library walls
  • Student Non-Fiction - Short shelves near center of library
  • PlayAways, audio books on dedicated MP3 players - Lower shelves near circ desk


  • Locating and/or guiding you to find books, apps, games, websites and databases for use with curriculum
  • Collaboration on teaching or co-teaching research skills
  • Technology assistance for common issues, such as installing printers, updating drivers and programs, how to take screen shots, etc. (Issues requiring Administrator Rights, such as password re-sets, must go through Kassie Cooper, CPMS technologist)
  • Copyright and movie-showing guidance
  • If you have a question about anything, just ask me!