Guitar Guild

Basic Guitar Chords - Printable!

Simple Songs You Can Play Right Away HERE


Example of how to learn to play a song you like:

"Free Fallin' " (Tom Petty)

Official music video

Guitar tutorial

Chord & lyric sheet


"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Ukelele tutorial

Chord & lyric sheet

(Mrs. Kane also has a Ukelele club in D-103 on Fridays 8:15-8:45)


Todd Downing for acoustic guitar, piano and violin demonstrations of popular songs. He's awesome and easy to follow!

Marty Z offers very cool instruction for electric guitar rock songs, new & old.

Corey Harris teaches beginning acoustic blues. You can register for extended lessons.


When does Guitar Guild meet?

Thursdays in the library, 8:15-8:45 AM, and when possible, other free times, like lunch. You'll need a library pass, always available from the circulation counter.

Can we come if we don't play, but want to learn?

Yes, you can learn from others! Please see the list on this page for guitar learning tips, guitar eachers and places to purchase guitars. The library is dedicated to guitar playing and learning, though, during meetings -- no book circulations or computer use during the meetings, unless it benefits our music.

What do you do?

We play our guitars, sometimes solo and sometimes together. (Ukeleles are welcome, too.) We share songs we are working on or would like to learn. We listen to each other, and sometimes recorded songs that we want to learn to play. I teach beginners basic chords and fundamental music elements. Most of our experienced players are also happy to teach their techniques.

We are very informal! There is no meeting agenda. You can come every Thursday or once in a while. But I hope you will enjoy yourself so much, you'll want to come often.

We might host guest speakers or go to guitar concerts together. We "play it by ear". (Get it?) The group is different every year, wanting different things. Students direct the learning and playing! I (Ms. Nations) facilitate what is requested.

Does it cost anything to join?

Nope. Your only cost is your equipment. I can give suggestions if you are looking to buy your own.

If you do not have equipment, we have some guitars and amps on-campus through generous donations that you can use at school, first-come/first-served.

Check with family members or family friends to see if they have a guitar you can use at home.

Acoustic or electric guitars? Styles of playing -- rock, blues, jazz, country, what? Yes, all of these!

You can store yours safely in a library storage room during the day.

Why do you teach guitar?

I just want to share the same fun I've had with guitar-playing. I got my first guitar in 4th grade, and have been playing ever since. It has been a comfort and a joy. I've met great people through playing music, won some awards, made a little money. (But spent more than that on guitars, lessons, travel, etc. to play. Haha! All worth it!)

How do I get started?

Come talk to me (Ms. Nations) in the library, or email me at with your student email. Meanwhile, you can check out THIS PAGE to jumpstart your learning.


Music Theory in Infographics

Chordsworld for chords and lyrics that scroll as you play

Ultimate Guitar Tabs for expansive chords and lyrics

Playing chords on a piano - this rocked my world when I learned it

Ukelele Chords -Yes, ukes are welcome, too!