Citing Sources

Cite Your Sources

Why should we cite information sources? Because we want to:

  • Give credit to the original creator of the work. That's fair.
  • Gain credibility for our project by proving sufficient research
  • Assist others in locating the resources for further study


For help finding and citing research sources:

Finding & Citing Sources

Use Noodletools to generate accurate source citations. Directions:

Click HERE. Log-in on the RIGHT side, using your LISD Google email username & password.

If this is the first time you've logged in this year, you'll be guided to merge an older Noodletools account with this new one, if you want. (Most of the time, it's not necessary.)

If you can't get in, see Ms. Nations for help.

Click HERE for detailed directions for Noodletools.


Noodletools is highly recommended as a citation source because it is extremely accurate.

However, if you just need 1-2 quick citations for a casual purpose, here are some options:

  • EasyBib -- Online citation creator for the most common types of citations.
  • Apogee -- Chrome extension for online citations. Click the icon while visiting a webpage for instant citation. It also gives a credibility score.

** Remember, these are less accurate, and should not be used for important projects.**