Freshman CCR Plan

Welcome to High School!

Your Counselor and/or Assistant Principal is happy to meet with you at any time to discuss your questions and/or concerns. The transition to high school can be an exciting but also challenging time as you adjust to new schedules, friends, and class demands. Don't hesitate to reach out to the office staff and your teachers for help.

College and Career Readiness

  • Use Naviance for college and career exploration.
  • Look into adding Pre-AP and/or AP classes to your course load for next year.
  • Freshmen will take the PSAT in October this year and also in 10th and 11th grades. The spring of their junior year, they'll need to take the ACT and SAT. The district has quite a few options for test prep resources.
  • The summer after 10th grade, students can begin taking Dual Enrollment classes through Austin Community College. For information on that, check out our Transition Coordinator, Mrs. Hexter's, website.

The STAAR test is required for graduation in the state of Texas. The Texas Education Agency releases past STAAR test questions to give students the opportunity to review. Students must pass the following:

  • Algebra 1
  • Biology
  • English I
  • English II
  • US History

LISD Freshman Action Plan

High School Course Catalog

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