Senior Summit (10/11/17)

and Senior Survey

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Seniors, add yourselves to the Class of 2018 Classroom: use class code u8frig.

What is Senior Summit/Senior Transitions Day?

As part of the MANDATORY Senior Summit on Wednesday, October 11, you'll be able to attend four separate 25-minute sessions. Identify the sessions you are interested in attending below. This will be used to develop your individualized Senior Summit schedule.

This survey will be used to place you in rotations for Senior Summit Day, October 11th. Please choose wisely. You need to make 4 selections and your rotation schedule will be made from these.

Your email address will be recorded when you submit this form. Not you? Not signed on with your LeanderISD email? Switch account.

Click on this link to sign up for your Senior Summit Sessions. This survey will be used to place you in rotations for Senior Summit Day, October 11th. Please choose wisely. You need to make 4 selections and your rotation schedule will be made from these.

You must complete this form by Wednesday, September 20th. Failure to do so will result in Mrs. Hexter assigning you to sessions.

Naviance (course planning and BOY survey)

Go into your Naviance account. Find and complete "Class of 2018 - Beginning of Year Survey." (In the About Me Tab.)

Then, in Naviance, update your senior course plan. Make sure your courses are correct for this year.

Senior Summit 2017

Senior Summit will take place on Wednesday, October 11th while the underclassman take the PSAT. This day will be run conference-style, allowing seniors to choose sessions to attend that best meet their needs and interests. However, seniors must make these selections in ADVANCE of Senior Summit by completing the Class of 2018 - Beginning of the Year survey via Naviance no later than Semptember 27th.

Students who do no pre-register will be assigned to sessions to attend, which must be followed for attendance purposes. Meanwhile, students who are TSI complete and not participating in COOL week who would prefer to use this day as an excused College Visit certainly may do so. Thus must be indicated on the Senior Summit 2017 Selection survey (under "other") AND be certain to provide proper documentation to the CPHS Attendance Office.


8:40-8:55 - Check-in

9:00-9:20 - General Session

9:25-10:15 - Session 1

10:20-11:10 - Session 2

11:15-12:05 - Session 3

12:10-1:00 - Session 4

General Session

This session is required for all seniors. (We will take attendance.) We will cover how the day will run as well as hear from Project Grad and Yearbook Staff.

Breakout Sessions Descriptions:

ACC Continuing Education

ACC Continuing Education department will showcase the hundreds of opportunities students have to earn certifications and employability skills in short-course formats.

Adulting 101/Managing Personal Finances

Learning to manage your personal finances can be a real struggle, even for many adults. Join Ms. Dodson from A+ Federal Credit Uniion and get tips and advice on how to manage your money and budget, as well as develop a general understanding of what all foes into “personal finances.”

AP Study Hall

Students enrolled in two or more AP courses may use this 50-minute session to form study groups, prepare for tests, review course notes, or get caught up after some late nights of studying.

CPHS Alumni Panel

Join a panel of CPHS Alumni, recent graduates, transfer students, and college freshman for Q & A style feedback, where they talk about their struggles, their joys, and things they wish they would have known or done differently.

College Apps & Counselor Check-In

During this session, seniors will have the opportunity to work (self-directed) on college applications and have counselors on-hand to answer your questions or just check over things to be sure you’re doing it right! This is your chance to get help on anything you need: ordering transcripts, sending test scores, have your essay reviews, search for scholarships, or just general application questions. Additionally, your counselor wants to check-in with students to see where you are in the process and determine if you need more targeted assistance.

College Essay Workshop

Still behind on college essays? Can’t hit submit on your application because the essay is too important? CPHS English teachers will provide feedback and guidance about how to write a good college essay that tells the school what they need to know about you.

COOL Week Orientation

The COOL Week Orientation is mandatory for all students who have submitted a COOL Week application. Failure to attend will result in removal from the COOL Week program.

Getting Started on the FASFA: FSA ID

Planning to apply for financial aid by filing a FASFA? Let’s get started! In this session, you’ll create your FSA ID and get started on your FASFA Application.

Interviewing and Job Hunting 101

Career Prep Teacher, Katie Travis will be sharing her insights into interviewing and recruitment. Understand what to expect in a potential interview, what makes good/bad interview, how to dress, how to prepare, and even how the interviewer might be researching you in advance. Learn how to make a solid, professional impression, whether it’s for college admissions, scholarships, honors program, internship, and job or student organization and build your personal brand.

Military Options (*limited offerings)

Representatives from the Army, Marines, National Guard, and Navy will be present to talk to you about military life, enlistment, basic training, etc. Come visit with recruiters from various military branches to learn more about your opportunities, requirements, and get answers to your questions.

TSI Preparation (Pre-Assessment Activity)

This is a mandatory session for any student not TSI complete & has not completed the PPA. Students will complete a Pre-Assessment Activity, which is a state-required prerequisite online module that explains the importance of TSI and formatting of the TSI Assessment. Students will also understand the process of registering to take a TSI Assessment offered either at ACC or CPHS.