ACC General Information

General Info - Before you begin, complete the Google Form below.

Students must complete the form below to identify yourself as a prospective Dual Credit student for the 2018-19 school year (including Summer of 2018). This will allow Mrs. Hexter to more efficiently track students through the process and ensure information is getting to you!

Interest Form (I am interesed in taking ACC Dual Credit for the 2018-19 school year.

(*NOTE: Students will need to log in to their LISD Google/Email accounts in order to access the Interest Form.)

Note to Parents/Guardians

Per FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) a parent/guardian may not obtain ACC academic records or complete ACC processes without the student's written permission (through ACC). This includes steps in the enrollment and registration processes.

Dual Credit Double Block (Credit Plus Plan)

Students may choose the Dual Credit Double Block (Credit Plus Plan), which allows them to take ACC classes on campus during their junior and senior year of high school. This document outlines the plan for students who begin the Dual Credit Double Block (Credit Plus Plan) their junior year, as well as outlines a senior-year start option. The sequence at CPHS is as follows:

Fall Semester Spring Semester

Junior Year (double blocked): English 1301(Dr. Conness) English 1302 (Dr. Conness)

US History 1302 (Ms. Serna) US Government 2305

Senior Year (double blocked):* British Lit 2322* (Dr. Conness) TBA

TX Govt 2306 (Dr. Prager) US History 1301

*(The senior year dual credit double block is ONLY for students who participated as juniors and have successfully earned all prerequisites.)

Seniors (single section/class): English 1301 (Dr. Strand) English 1302 (Dr. Strand)

Which courses should I take? Will they transfer?

Core Classes - lists core curriculum for TX colleges

Dual Credit courses - lists Leander ISD's approved ACC courses available for high school credit

TCCNS - the Texas Common Course Numbering System allows you to compare institutions to determine the equivalency at ACC.

Transferring- ACC credits to a 4-yr University - this site may help you find equivalencies at ACC if you're attending an out-of-state school.


You'll want to access the online listing of ACC's Course Schedule to determine which courses are offered, when, where, and how. The video below will walk you through how to read the online schedule, although you're no longer eligible to take courses restricted to LISD students.


  • Pay for your courses. Pay close attention to tuition payment deadlines. Not paying on time will get you dropped from your courses!
  • Obtain an ACC student ID card on campus
  • Purchase textbooks and supplies for your classes
  • Log in to your Blackboard account and become familiar with the tools and resources available to you there. Many professors use this for grade postings, online submission of assignments, announcements, discussion boards, etc.

ACC Course Offerings