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All student absences must be verified in writing, or by one of the verified Parent/Guardian email on file.

Written verification of the absence must be received by the school attendance office within two (2) days of a student’s return to school.

In an effort to reduce classroom disruptions, parents must send a signed note with their student requesting a permit to leave.

**Handwritten notes must include: Student Name, Grade, Date, Dismissal Time, & Parent Signature.**

This note must be turned into the attendance office in the morning who will in turn provide the student with an official permit to leave class.

If the situation does not allow prior notice and a parent wishes to pick up a student early, parents will need to come to the main office, request the student, and sign them out.

Parents/Guardians must show a valid photo I.D. in order to sign a student out.

Phone calls and emails will not be permitted for leaving campus during the school day.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for additional information.