UIL One Act Play

2018 UIL OAP - Still Life with Iris by Steven Dietz

Friends and Family Performance with FPMS team - NOVEMBER 8 @7 - VHS Theatre

Contest - DECEMBER 1 @10 a.m. - LHS

OAP Student Travel Medical Release Form 18-19 - Google Docs.pdf

UIL OAP students must return this form before they can travel with the team.

2018 CRMS UIL OAP Calendar

UIL One Act Play Cast List

Please Sign the sheet outside room 1404 if you accept the role/position.

Our first rehearsal will be Wednesday, Sept. 5th @ 4:15 in the theatre room.


Iris - Rilee Harrison

Mom/Ms. Overlook - Ava Vanna

Dad/Mr. Matternot - Jonathan Smith

Annabel Lee - Gracie Lee

Mozart - Oliver Hart

Grotto Good - Jack Garcia

Gretta Good - Alaina Riddle

Mr. Otherguy - Elaina Brokhoff

Mr. Himtoo - Hailey Torno

Memory Minder - Emma Covino


Stage Manager - Elizabeth Catrett

Asst. Stage Manager - Isabella Banse

Technical Crew - Emma Seewald

Technical Crew - Canon Roth

Technical Crew - Megan Antonios


Mozart Understudy - Samuel Preston

Iris Understudy - Brenna Saenz

Gretta Good/Mom/Overlook -Aadya Vijaykanth


Alternate 1 - Yness Martinez

Alternate 2 - Rowen Johnson

Alternate 3 - Lucas Martinez

What is UIL OAP anyway??

OAP stands for ONE ACT PLAY. It is a theatrical competition where you perform a short play or a full length play edited to 40 minutes or less. This competition is part of UIL.

Auditions are open to anyone in our school, but competition is fierce due to the strict limits on participants.

OAP competition is intense. We have to follow many strict rules. Some of the main ones are:

    • A play cannot last longer than 40 min
    • Our cast can't be larger than 15.
    • The students have no more than 7 minutes to set up the entire set.
    • There are only 5 tech crew (backstage people).
    • Our set must be constructed out of the standard unit set pieces.
    • All students must be passing all subjects in order to participate.
    • The students only practice on the actual competition stage and with the tech equipment ONCE and for ONE hour.
    • UIL OAP rules allow us 4 understudies.


After school on Mondays and Wednesdays promptly from 4:15 pm - 6:00 pm. Sometimes on Saturday.

We will miss part of the school day for a UIL OAP clinic @ VHS, November 9th.

We will have an extra late tech rehearsal (Lock-In) on Friday, October 26.

Performance Dates

Public Performance - 11/8 @ VHS

Competition Date - 12/1 - All day Saturday, December 9th at Leander High School

On the day of competition, we compete against the other district middle schools. All students will travel together by bus, stay together as a team, and all students must stay for the awards ceremony and critiques. Then travel home together on the bus. We are critiqued and ranked by a team of expert judges who will determine eligibility several individual and group awards.

Participation Fee

$35 for all team members

This fee helps to cover costumes, props, tech needs, and a production shirt for each team member. No one is denied the ability to participate due to inability to pay.