Vandegrift High School

VHS Course Selections

These are courses available to Vandegrift incoming freshmen.

Theatre Productions 1-4

This is the UIL class for VHS Theatre with only 25 spots available to both upper and lower classmen. Students must audition for a spot in the class every school year. Theatre productions students have a 3 show requirement, which is part of their 6 weeks grade.

Theatre 2

This class is comprised mostly of incoming freshman who have already had several years of experience. Students must have a teacher recommendation. This class also requires an audition for acceptance. Theatre 2 students are required to participate onstage or off in a show each semester, this is part of their 6 weeks grade.


All auditions will be held in early May. Please check the VHS Theatre website for more information.

All auditions will require:

  • Two contrasting monologues
  • Headshot
  • Resume of theatrical experience.

Auditions cannot be longer than three minutes in length.

VHS Theatre Website

Go here for more information about the Vandegrift High School Harvey Players