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Parent Volunteers

Join the CRMS Theatre team as a parent Volunteer!

I'm looking for a handful of theatre loving parents to help out during Class Performances, One Act Plays, and the Spring Production.

Are you interested in helping out in any of the following ways?

  • Theatre Mom/Dad
  • Set Building
  • Hair and Make Up
  • Costumes
  • Performer Wrangling
  • Back stage Management
  • Providing Snacks
  • Build Days!

Sign up HERE!

LISD Volunteer Application


We have one major fundraising event in the Fall with others added as needed in the Spring to fund the program. Proceeds from ALL fundraisers go to funding our annul expenses


For the Fall fundraiser, we don't do a traditional fundraiser. We don't sell anything! We don't make your kids sell anything!

Instead, what we ask is to take the money you would contribute to a selling fundraiser and make a cash donation. This way, you know, all the funds contributed is going directly to making your students' theater experience the best it can be!


The Theatre Department is ALWAYS on the lookout for your gently used clothes, knick knacks, books, and other items that can be used for costumes, set pieces, and giving some great character options to the performers. Here is a general list of items we are on the look out for:

  • Sewing notions (kits, fabric, threads, etc...)
  • Fabric
  • Hats
  • Adult Sized Halloween costumes
  • Prom Dresses
  • Magazines
  • Clothing from other time periods
  • Clothing from other cultures
  • Furniture
  • Paint and Painting supplies
  • Old extra large tee shirts to be used as painting smocks
  • Makeup/Baby Wipes
  • Unopened eye makeup products, such as mascara or eyeliner
  • Makeup Sponges
  • Unopened lipstick

Give us a call before throwing anything away we might be able to use!