Action Learning

Learning by doing!

Learning from experiences

LEARN Games are game simulations developed by LE-Network. Using LEGO you learn from your own mistakes and successes in a safe environment.

This offers (gifted) children more of a challenge in their teaching materials.

No more books needed

The LEARN games are developed with the Edupreneurial method. A methodology that supports Action Learning; To learn by practise! represented.

As a result, the LEARN games can be used flexibly and are particularly efficient and effective. These not only make learning easier, but also MORE FUN!

Many variants

They are already being used at various educational institutions. From primary to secondary education, in special and vocational education. It is THE way to learn in this 21st century.

For example, we have LEARN games to learn a foreign language. Or to learn to do business and to negotiate. And to get to know logistics processes and operational management.

The Incompetence game

(under development)