Dan Ransom, K7MM tuning in national and international stations during the winter field day event

Dan Ransom, K7MM, working with kids from the community

New amateur radio operators were able to get on the air with someone experienced standing by

2018 Fall Technician License Class and Exam

Fall Technician Class

Milt, AH6I, teaching

Fall Technician Class

Dan, K7MM, Teaching

Fall Technician Class

Volunteer Examiners grading tests

2018 Antenna Building Workshop

Fall antenna building class

Chad, AE7BZ

Fall antenna building class

Milt, AH6I

Fall antenna building class


2018 National Night Out

Booth at National Night Out

Kelly, NA5XX and Ty, W7TML

2018 Radio Merit Badge Class - Boy Scouts

Ty, W7TML and Dan, K7MM teaching a group of Boy Scouts the Radio Merit Badge

2018 Thunder On The Snake - Jet Boat Races in Lewiston, ID

This is one of two Jet Boat races that local amateur radio operators support. The other race is held in Riggins, Idaho on the Salmon River

Ty, W7TML Up-River on a safety Boat

It's difficult to get a good picture of these boats as they fly by at 90+ MPH

Amateur radio operators "hams" in "Net Control. Hams handle emergency and routine communications throughout the race

Net control is the communications hub for the races along the 20+ mile course at the start of Hell's Canyon

A ham can operate pretty much anywhere with Radio, Antenna, Batteries, and Solar power