LCUSD Parent Tech Academy

LCUSD is excited to work together with parents and guardians in our community to help our students become thoughtful, safe, and productive digital citizens, prepared for life and work in the 21st Century.

This 3-part course aims to bring parents and our schools together to learn common technology tools, support safe tech use, and use technology to support new learning strategies.

Session 1 focuses on the tools our students--and students around the world--are using in class: Google Apps for Education. Take a tour of Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms, and learn how the collaboration and communication features take learning to the next level.

Session 2 centers on accountability, safety, and security. Learn about tools you can use to stay in the loop and become an integral part of your child's digital life. Many resources will be provided: a list of common tech jargon, activities and conversation starters for children of all ages, designing a family device contract and media agreement, and more.

Session 3 is all about innovation. We discuss ways to support your child's in-class work and homework with tools and tips for the home. Work with your child to use concepts such as search, citations, design, and "app smashing," to solve big problems and see learning in a new light. We close with tech mindfulness and activities for presence and balance.