Who We Are

We live in a culture that is suffering from a famine of God's Word. The standards for living are rewritten daily, according to popular opinion. Even those who profess faith in Christ are buying the lie that "happiness" is the chief pursuit in life. This ground, however, is the 'sand' that we learned not to build on when we were children. The wise man builds his house on the ROCK! LCS students know that the only sure foundation is God and His Word. Parents who want their children to grasp this critical Truth can trust Levelland Christian School to partner with them for their child's education. We take our work seriously.

Levelland Christian School began in 1994 with a vision, as inspired by Isaiah 43:18-20. God's Word commands us to share His Truth in a dry and weary land. Indeed, LCS has touched hundreds of families on the South Plains through Christian Education. We began with preschool only, then added one grade per year. The demographics of Levelland Christian School have changed over the years, but one thing has stayed the same: our mission. We seek to provide a meaningful, purpose-filled education based on God's Word. This is the heart of who we are. We invite you to call or come by and see what sets LCS apart. It's a worthy endeavor.