Welcome to Lawrence County Schools, where teaching and learning are the driving forces behind all decisions. The Lawrence County School System serves about 7,000 students in twelve neighborhood schools and an adult high school.

The Lawrence County School System envisions an inclusive, welcoming and safe educational environment in which all students are valued, held to high expectations, and are successful.

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Energy Systems Group (ESG)

Self Funded Facility Upgrade Project

As our schools continue to age, we are faced with maintaining outdated equipment. In fact, 538 HVAC units are past useful life. The ESG project replaces old HVAC units, inefficient lighting, plumbing systems, adds insulation to gym ceilings where needed, as well as, installs energy efficient windows. I encourage you to visit this link to learn more.



Announcements & Upcoming Events

The Lawrence County Board of Education will meet in Regular Session on June 18, 2018 at 5:00 pm at the Central Office, 700 Mahr Ave., Lawrenceburg

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