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BMS Tutoring Schedule

Tuesday ELA 7:30-8:00

Wednesday Math 7:30-8:00

Thursday Science 7:30-8:00

Friday Social Studies 7:30-8:00

PrimeTime (make-up work & tutoring!!)

About Me

  • This is my 21st year of teaching.
  • I taught at the high school level for six years, before I began teaching at Buford Middle School.
  • I have taught AP Calculus, Precalculus, Algebra II, Algebra I, Math for the Technologies I, II, & III, and 8th Grade Math.
  • I received a Bachelor's Degree from Clemson University in Mathematics Teaching.
  • I have also earned a Master's Plus 30 hours from Francis Marion University in Instructional Accommodations.

Planning: 8:30-9:45 Email Address: